Firebase admin SDK is a server side SDK that allows us to interact with our Firebase project with admin privileges and perform certain actions to monitor and manager our project in our own way without using the Firebase console.

We are going to create a web application through which we will try to perform the actions that the Firebase admin SDK provides us with.

For that purpose we will need a front-end application which will act as the control panel and a back-end where we will integrate the admin SDK.

We will walk-through the front-end in the Part 2, and…

I was building an app which requires me to link user’s google drive in my application to store data. But doing that requires fetching the access token from google_sign_in.

Now, although it is not a very difficult task, many people like me struggle with the exception.

PlatformException(sign_in_failed, 10: , null, null)

Well, this is something I banged my head for. Now, lets get to the point. How to avoid this ? The answer is really simple, by using firebase. …

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So, you want to copy an array to create another new array, and not just copying the array reference to another variable. In C#, there are several ways to achieve this.
Some of the ways are:

  • Array.CopyTo()
  • Array.ConstrainedCopy()
  • Array.Clone()

These ways provide you with a new array that is different from the original array and not just two variables with the same reference.

But, any object when created, is created in the heap and it’s address is assigned to the reference variable.

For example:
Student s1 = new Student()

Here, new Student() is the creation of an Student object in…

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This component is built upon an example on the MaterialUI components section, and hence some part of code may be same. This is just for someone who wants to save some time without trying to figure out all that is done in there.


We as react developers must have heard about MaterialUI. It’s a fantastic UI library for react (not sure about react native) based on Google’s material design.

Now, for dealing with visualizing data in tabular form, it provides a Table component. …

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